“If I’m ever to move past this point where I always stall, I must reach back and grab hands with the little girl who didn’t know fear.”

Do you remember being fearless? As a little girl I thought I could do anything! In my mind I was Wonder Woman! I was strong. I was powerful. I was unconquerable. Then I grew up and the world told me I was weak. I was ugly. I was less than. And for some reason, I believed the lie.

But today I’m reaching back and grabbing hands with the little girl I used to be. I’m also reaching out to you. Let’s climb trees and build sand castles!

Why not? Let’s get dirty, let’s skin our knees! Let’s cry real tears… because, that’s how we learn and grow and figure things out. Don’t you see? That’s the secret to Wonder Woman’s strength.

Come on girl, let’s do this together!

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