Creative Writing Samples: Prisoner in Paradise, Part 2–Lost!


Creative Writing Samples: Prisoner in Paradise, Part 2–Lost!

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Prisoner in Paradise, Part 2: Princess Diaries

“I find myself in this place so often it’s becoming redundant. I wonder if this will be the door that opens all of the other doors that have been, thus far, closed to me. No. Locked. Here I am again, trudging through this labyrinth of entanglements, bumping into one dead end after another. Every time I dash down what seems to be a promising, open pathway I am shocked by a rough impediment–a door slammed, a wall erected, a stone thrown–right at my face! I stumble back, nurse my wounds, recover from the sting, then see another light in the corner and move towards it, more cautiously this time. But I pick up my pace as the light grows brighter, beckoning me. My heart quickens as my mind imagines the possibilities.

“It will be different this time,” I say out loud. Yet, the closer I come to the light, I notice, the dimmer it appears, until I find myself, at last, in an empty room. I look behind me at the winding path from which I came and can only see around the corner. I’m alone, in a room, standing over a small candle with a flickering flame that casts shadows against the barren walls. The shadows loom large over me until their dark outlines form the pattern of ghastly fiends. They move slowly, encircling me. My throat tightens. The air seeps out of the room. The candle flickers and goes out.”


To be continued…

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