Hey Girl Hits 100!


Hey Girl Hits 100!

Two years ago this month the whole world went into lockdown. We were confined to our homes and afraid to go outside the boundaries of our own backyards. The grocery store became a battleground and only the brave were sent to war! In the meantime, we became more brave with our technology. We found connection through our computers, through Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other virtual environments, like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

It was into this grand new world that Kim Jacobs and I decided to venture. "People need an outlet to talk about their feelings" we thought, "people want to know that they're not alone." And so, Hey Girl was born! We literally just pressed record, without much of a plan other than to sit down and have a heartfelt conversation! Now, here we are. Two years and 100 episodes later. Talk about surreal! The world has changed since Covid and our lives have been changed by the beautiful women we've met during this time. We've laughed, we've cried and we've shared our lives. I'm so immensely grateful for these experiences! It truly gave purpose to days that so often felt heavy with pain.

As our 100th episode approaches, we want to celebrate with all of you who have tuned in again and again. If you haven't already, be sure to join the sisterhood for your chance to win a free copy of my new book: Trust the Process: How Writing Can Help You Get Unstuck. I'll be giving it away on the show, April 2nd.

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