Welcome to the JustKem.Blog!


Welcome to the JustKem.Blog!

After 3 years and hundreds of posts, I’ve decided that it’s time for something new! Although I am still here to encourage you—writers and creatives—to pursue your dreams, I’ll also be doing more! Here’s what you can expect from JustKem.net:


Come join the conversation on my Facebook Live--“Hey Girl!” where my friends and I chat with various guests about their experiences and expertise on living your best life. Whether you are single or married, work outside or inside the home, HeyGirl! is a safe space for girl talk and sisterly support.


As a former English professor and, now, director of a university writing center, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the value of writing—not grammar—but the writing process which involves our hearts, minds and full attention. You see, the writing process is not only important work for the development of writing, it is also important for the development of writers, meaning people—even those who don’t consider themselves to be “writers.”  This is what my book, Trust the Process, is all about, helping you to make writing the center of your daily practice so that you can unlock the secrets to your purpose and God’s plan for your life. Here’s a sample chapter. If you like it, go to the contact tab and send me a message!


I’ve created some fun things for you to download and I’ll be adding more soon. Go to the "Hey Girl" tab and you’ll find my “5 Ways to Have a Happy Marriage,“3 Ways to Deal with Disappointment” and a guide for building your own emotional “Coping Kit.”

Plus! Even if you’re not a planner, you may like my Hey Girl Planner sheet which will help you keep your daily tasks in their proper place.

The JustKem blog!

Like I said, I’ll still blog about writing, but there’s so much more to talk about! So, stop by to catch recorded episodes of Hey Girl and my commentary on the topics we cover on the show. My focus is how to live well in spite of difficulties--I’m here to encourage us to hang in there no matter what! And I hope you’ll continue to hang in there with me. As we travel this new road together, I’m excited to see—and share with you—all that develops around the bend!


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